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Sunday, September 7, 2014


1). Conversion of Simple Sentences into Compound Sentences

476. Simple Sentences may be changed into Double Sentences by taking a word or phrase,
        and expanding it into a Co-ordinate Clause.

 (1) Using the Conjunctions and, both...and, not only....but also ; as,

        *) Simple.       :   Seeing a bear  coming , he lay on the ground.
            Compound :   He saw a bear coming, and lay on the ground.

           Simple         :    She received praise and reward.
           Compound  :    She was both praised  and rewarded.

          Simple          :    Besides being industrious he is wise.
          Compound   :    He is not only industrious but also wise.

(2) Using the Conjuntions but,  yet,  neverthless ; as ,

       *) Simple.          :   In spite of his riches, he is unhappy.
           Compound    :   He is very rich, but still he is unhappy.

          Simple.           :   Notwithstanding his sorrow, he is hopeful.
          Compound    :   He is sorrowful but yet hopeful.

          Simple            :   In the face of many  obstacles he persevered.
          Compound     :  He met with many obstacles, nevertheless he persevered.

(3) Using the Conjunctions or, either...or,  otherwise; as,

      *) Simple           :    You must confess your fault to escape being fined.
          Compound    :    You must confess your fault or you will be fined.

          Simple            :    To avoid punishment you must apologize.
          Compound     :    Either you must apologize, or you will be punished.

          Simple             :    You must run away at once to escape being caught.
          Compound      :    You must run away at once otherwise you will be caught.

2. Conversion of Compound Sentences into Simple Sentences

477. Compound Sentences may be changed into Simple Sentences in the following ways :--

       (1) By substituting a Participle for a Finite Verb ; as,

                  Compound    :  He took his hat and set off.
                  Simple           :  Taking his hat, he set off.

                  Compound     :  The sun rose and the fog disappeared.
                  Simple            :   The sun having risen, the fog disappeared.

                 Compound     :   He finished his work and returned home.
                 Simple            :   Having finished his work, he returned home.

      ( 2 ) By substituting a Preposition, etc., for a Clause ; as ,

                  Compound             :     He not only made a promise, but kept it too.
                  Simple                    :     Besides making a promise he kept it.

                  Compound            :     He shaved himself and then took his bath.
                  Simple                   :     After shaving himself, he took his bath.

                  Compound           :      You must not be late or you will be fined.
                  Simple                  :       In the event of your being late, you will be fined.

      (3) By substituting an Infinitive for a Clause ; as,

                   Compound          :       You must work hard or you will not win the first prize.
                   Simple                 :        You must work hard to win the first prize.

                   Compound          :       Either you must confess your fault or you will be punished.
                   Simple                 :       To escape punishment, you must confess your fault.

( 3 ) Conversion of Simple Sentences into Complex Sentences

478. A Simple Sentence can be changed into a Complex Sentence by expanding a word or
        a phrase into a Subordinate Clause ( Noun, Adjective or Adverb.).

                                         1. Noun Clause

    Simple.         :      We heard of her failure.
    Complex      :       We heard that she had failed.

    Simple          :       I do not know the day of his death
    Complex       :      I do not know when he died.

    Simple          :       We all know the reason of his popularity.
    Complex      :        We all know why he is popular.

    Simple          :        The time of his coming no one knows.
    Complex      :         When he will come no one knows.

   Simple          :        She hoped to win the first prize.
   Complex      :        She hoped that she would win the first prize.

                                     2. Adjective Clause

     Simple       :      He is a man of his word.
     Complex    :     He is a man who keeps his word.

    Simple        :      A man of prudence is respected by all.
    Complex    :      A man who is prudent is respected by all.

    Simple       :       A liar is seldom trusted.
    Complex    :      A person who tells lies is seldom trusted.

   Simple         :      The reason of her failure is known to all.
   Complex      :      The reason why she failed is known to all.

   Simple         :       He told us the time of his arrival.
   Complex      :      He told us the time when he would arrive.

                                 3. Adverb Clause

   Simple        :     You may go anywhere.
   Complex    :      You may go wherever you like.

   Simple       :      At sunset he returned home.
   Complex   :      When the sun set he returned home.

  Simple       :       Do it to the best of your ability.
  Complex    :      Do it as well as you can.

  Simple      :        On seeing the snake I ran away.
  Complex   :       As soon as I saw the snake, I ran away.

  Simple      :       He was absent  on account of illness.
  Complex  :       He was absent because he was ill.

  Simplex      :     The news is too good to be true.
  Complex    :     The news is so good that is cannot be true.

   Simple      :      Without your help I can do nothing.
   Complex   :      Unless you help me I can do nothing.

4. Conversion of Complex Sentences into Simple Sentences

479. A Complex Sentence can be changed into a Simple Sentence by converting a Clause
        ( Noun, Adjective or Adverb ) into a phrase or word.

                                 1. Noun Clause

Complex   :   He admitted that he had done wrong.
Simple.      :   He admitted his fault.

Complex   :   He pleaded that he was not guilty.
Simple       :   He pleaded not guilty.

Complex   :   That you should be present is essential.
Simple       :   Your presence is essential.

Complex   :   No one knows when he died.
Simple       :   No one knows the day of his death.

Complex   :   Tell me where your brother lives.
Simple       :   Tell me the address of your brother.

Complex   :   What he spoke on that occasion was unworthy of him.
Simple       :   His speech on that occasion was unworthy of him.

                                 2. Adjective Clause

Complex   :   People who work hard prosper in the world.
Simple       :   Hard-working people prosper in the world.

Complex   :   He is a man who possesses great courage.
Simple       :   He is a very courageous man.

Complex   :   We saw the place where Tagore was born.
Simple       :   We saw the birthplace of Tagore.

Complex   :   The man who wrote this book was a poor man.
Simple       :   The author of this book was a poor man.

Complex   :   Delhi, which is the capital of India, is situated on the Jamuna.
Simple       :   Delhi, the capital of India, is situated on the Jamuna.

Complex   :   This is the place where the rebels meet.
Simple       :   This is the rebels meeting-place.

Complex   :   Time which is once lost is lost for ever.
Simple       :   Time once lost is lost for ever.

                               3. Adverb Clause

Complex   :   He was pleased that he had won a prize.
Simple       :   He was pleased at having won a prize.

Complex   :   He is so exhausted that he cannot walk.
Simple       :   He is too exhausted to walk.

Complex   :   I was wonder-struck when I heard her saying this
Simple       :   I was wonder-struck to hear her saying this.

Complex   :   We eat that we may live.
Simple       :   We eat to live.

Complex   :   When he had finished his work, he went out to play.
Simple       :   Having finished his work, he went out to play.

Complex   :   Because she was ill she stayed at home.
Simple       :   Owing to her illness she stayed at home.

5. Conversion of Compound Sentences into Complex Sentences

480. It is possible to change a Compound Sentence into a Complex Sentence by turning 
        one of the Co-ordinate Clauses into a Subordinate Clause.

Compound   :   Spare the road and spoil the child.
Complex       :   If you spare the road, you spoil the child.

Compound   :   Work hard or you will fail.
Complex       :   Unless you work hard, you will fail.

Compound   :   He did not work hard ; therefore he failed.
Complex       :   He failed because he did not work hard.

Compound   :   He is poor, but honest.
Complex       :   Although he is poor, he is honest.

Compound   :   He wishes to become rich ; therefore he works hard.
Complex       :   He works hard that he may become rich.

Compound   :  keep quiet or you will be fined.
Complex       :  Unless you keep quiet, you will be fined.

Compound   :   He heard the news, and set off at once.
Complex       :   When he heard the news he set off at once.

6. Conversion of Complex Sentences into Compound Sentences

481. We can convert a Complex Sentence into a Compound Sentence by changing the
        Subordinate Clause into a Co-ordinate Clause.

Complex       :   I am certain that he has made a mistake.
Compound   :   He has made a mistake, and of this I am certain.

Complex       :   I have found the pen that I had lost.
Compound   :   I had lost a pen, but I have found it.

Complex       :   If you do not work hard you will not pass.
Compound   :   You must work hard or you will not pass.

Complex       :   Unless you study regularly, you will make no progress.
Compound   :   Study regularly or you will make no progress.

Complex       :   He works hard that he may become rich.
Compound   :   He aims at becoming rich and works hard.

Complex       :   As soon as he saw the lion, he ran away.
Compound   :   He saw the lion, and at once he ran away.

7. Interchange of principal and Subordinate Clauses

482. Study the following examples :---

1. No sooner did the sun rise than the fog disappeared.
    The fog disappeared as the soon as the sun rose.

2. Unless you confess your guilt, you will be punished.
    Confess your guilt that you may not be punished.

3. He is not such a wise man as he was reputed to be.
    He was reputed to be a wiser man than he is.

4. My coat was not returned until it had been washed.
    My coat had been washed before it was returned.


  1. Your presence is essential.
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  2. Your presence is essential.
    Start with 'That'

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