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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


428. We have already learnt that a Complex Sentence is made up of a Principal Clause 
        and one or more Subordinate Clauses.

(*) There are three kinds of Subordinate Clauses :---

       (1) The Noun Clause : It is one which does the work of a Noun in a Complex Sentence.
        (2) The Adjective Clause : It is one which does the work of an Adjective in a Complex

         (3) The Adverb Clause : It is one which does the work of an Adverb in a Complex


                               1.The Noun Clause

429. A Noun Clause is one which does the work of a Noun. A Noun Clause may form :--

        1). The Subject of a Verb.
        2). The Object of a Verb.
        3). The Object of a Preposition.
        4). The Complement of a Verb.
        5). A Clause in Apposition to a Noun or Pronoun.

430. In each of the following Complex Sentences,the Noun Clause is the Subject of a Verb :--

        1). That we obey the laws of the country is wise.
        2). That he will return within an hour is certain.
        3). Why he refused the job is a mystery.
        4). Where the Buddha was buried cannot be determined.
        5). How the attack had failed was not known.
        6). What he did was not justifiable.
        7). When he will be back is uncertain.
        8). Whether he will return tomorrow seems uncertain.

431. In each of the following Complex Sentences,the Noun Clause is the Object of a 
        Transitive Verb :--

        1). Duty requires that we should help others.
        2). I do not know when I shall be able to reply to your letter.
        3). The messenger said that the attack had failed.
        4). I cannot tell what fate has overtaken him.
        5). I asked the woman how old she was.
        6). Tell me where you found this bag of gold.
        7). Tell me why you did not appear in the examination.
        8). I asked him when he was leaving his present position.
        9). No one knows who she is.
      10). Ask if he is at home.

432. In each of the following Complex Sentences,the Noun Clause is the Object of a
        Preposition :--

          1). Do not believe in what he says.
          2). The father laughed at what the boys were doing.
          3). This bicycle will sell for what it is worth.
          4). Pay careful attention to what your teacher says.
          5). Except that he works too slowly,he is a good servant.
          6). He was kind to whoever needed his help.
          7). My prospects depend upon who is placed over me.

433. In each of the following Complex Sentences, the Noun Clause is the Complement
        of a Verb of Incomplete Prediction :--

           1). The report was that the attack had failed.
           2). This is exactly what I expected.
           3). This is what I cannot believe.
           4). My belief is that he is not guilty.
           5). Life is what we make it.
           6). Her great fear is that she may fail again.
           7). His request is that he may be allowed to resign.
           8). My wish is that I may live in a palace.

434. In each of the following Complex Sentences, the Noun Clause is in Apposition to a
        Noun or Pronoun :--

            1). The report that the attack had failed was false.
            2). The hope that we shall succeed sustain us.
            3). The rumor that he had resigned is false.
            4). It is feared that she will not be allowed to resign.
            5). It was unfortunate that she was absent.
            6). The fact that he is guilty gives me much pain.
            7). You must always remember this, that pride has a fall.

NOTE :- The character of the English language allows us to omit the Conjunction that, in
                introducing the substantive sentence; as,

            1). I fear ( that ) he will not succeed.
            2). he said ( that ) he would go immediately.


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