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Thursday, December 23, 2010



363. Given below are some of the common errors which are generally committed
        by Indian students in their everyday speech and writing :--

                     1. Errors in the Use of Nouns

Incorrect:--I have received no informations.     
Correct:--- I have received no information.

Incorrect:-- That's a useful information.            
Correct :--- That's a useful piece(bit) of information.

Incorrect :-- He gave us many good advices.      
Correct:----- He gave us much good advice.

Incorrect:--- My circumstance is bad.                 
Correct:----- My circumstances are bad.

Incorrect:--- No pain was spared.                       
Correct:----- No pains were spared.

Incorrect:--- I eat vegetable.                                 
Correct:----- I eat vegetables(or vegetable food).

Incorrect:--- She has sold all her furnitures.      
Correct:----- She has sold all her furniture.

Incorrect:--- The sceneries of Kashmir are  very charming 
Correct :---- The scenery of Kashmir is very charming.

Incorrect:--- These news are good.                      
Correct:---- The news is good.

Incorrect:---I am learning a new poetry.           
Correct:-----I am learning a new poem.

Incorrect:---The riches should help the poors.   
Correct:-----The rich should help the poor.

Incorrect:---Her hairs are black.                       
Correct:-----Her hair is black.

Incorrect:---The house is built of stones.           
Correct:-----This house is built of stone.

Incorrect:---The cattles are grazing in the meadow.     
Correct:---- The cattle are grazing in the meadow.

Incorrect:---Peoples do not like to be kept waiting.    
Correct:--- People do not like to be kept waiting.

Incorrect:--His trouser was torn.                      
Correct:--- His trousers were torn.

Incorrect:-Those scissors belongs to me.       
Correct:--  Those scissors belong to me.

Incorrect:-That pair of scissors belong to me
Correct:---That pair of scissors belongs to me.

Incorrect:-He came with his family members.               
Correct:-- He came with the members of his  family.

Incorrect:-She gave me two dozens mangoes          
Correct:---She gave me two dozen mangoes.

Incorrect:-The clock has struck six hours.     
Correct:---The clock has struck six.

Incorrect:-- He will keep his words.                 
Correct:---  He will  keep his word.

Incorrect:- He did many mischiefs.                 
Correct:-   He did many acts of mischief.

Incorrect:--She greeted me with a stream  of abuses.   
Correct:--   She greeted me with a stream of abuse.

Incorrect:-- He gave me a ten rupees note.      
Correct:---  He gave me a ten-rupee note.

           2.Errors in the Use of Adjectives

Incorrect:--I like these kind of books.
Correct:----I like this kind of books. [Or,I like books of this kind.]

Incorrect:--I do not like those sort of people.
Correct:----I do not like that sort of people.[Or,people of that sort.]

Incorrect:--This is the best pen of the two.
Correct:----This is the better pen of the two.

Incorrect:--Of the two boys,he was cer-tainly the tallest.
Correct:----Of the two boys,he was certainly the taller.

Incorrect:--Her essay is worst than mine.
Correct:----Her essay is worse than mine.

Incorrect:--He is more cleverer than I am.
Correct:----He is cleverer than I.

Incorrect:--This is the most wisest plan.
Correct:----This is the wisest plan.

Incorrect:--The rose smells sweetly.
Correct:----The rose smell sweet.

Incorrect:--Bring me any water to drink.
Correct:----Bring me some water to drink.

Incorrect:--I did not find some girls here.
Correct:----I did not find any girls here.

Incorrect:--Little money is better than none.
Correct  :--A little money is better than none.

Incorrect :--I spent little money I had.
Correct:----I spent the little money that I had.

Incorrect :--She has a little hope of passing this year.
Correct   :--She has little hope of passing this year.

Incorrect :--I have only little time left with me.
Correct   :--I have only a little time left with me.

Incorrect :--I have still few rupees left with me.
Correct    :--I have still a few ruppes left with me.

Incorrect :--I read a few books I had.
correct     :--I read the few books I had.

Incorrect :--He stayed here few days.
Correct    :--He stayed here a few days.

Incorrect :--He has a dozen of cows.
Correct    :--He has a dozen cows.

Incorrect  :--The two men struck one another.
Correct     :--The two men struck each other.

Incorrect  :--They all helped each other.
Correct     :--They all helped one another.

Incorrect :--This pen is superior than that.
Correct    :--This pen is superior to that.

Incorrect :--Your son is junior than me.
Correct    :--Your son is junior to mine.

Incorrect  :--This man is senior than me.
Correct     :--This man is senior to me.

Incorrect  :--This wine is inferior than that.
Corerct     :--This wine is inferior to that.

Incorrect  :--This book is much interesting.
Correct     :--This book is very interesting.

Incorrect   :--Whole New York mourns his loss.
Correct      :--The whole of the New York mourns his loss.

Incorrect  :--This is a best book.
Correct     :--This is a very good book.

Incorrect   :--He is a worst boy.
Correct      :--He is a very bad boy.

Incorrect   :--Health is more preferable than wealth.
Correct      :--Health is preferable to wealth.

Incorrect  :--My all books are lost.
Correct     :--All my books are lost.

Incorrect  :--Always speak truth.
Correct     :--Always speak the truth.

Incorrect  :--This boy is more honest than all the boys.
Correct     :--This boy is more honest than all the other boys.

Incorrect  :--This paper has the largest circulation of any other daily paper.
Correct     :--This paper has the largest circulation of all daily papers.
                          [Or,has a larger circulation than any other daily paper.]

Incorrect  :--The population of Bombay is greater than Madras.
Correct     :--The population of Bombay is greater than that of Madras.

Incorrect   :--Not less than forty soldiers were killed.
Correct      :--No fewer than forty soldiers were killed.

Incorrect   :--He is elder than Ali.
Correct      :--He is older than Ali.

Incorrect   :--He is my oldest brother.
Correct      :--He is my eldest brother.

                  3. Errors in the Use of Articles

Incorrect :--He is an European.
Correct    :--He is a European.

Incorrect :--He is an University Professor.
Correct   :--He is a University Professor.

Incorrect :--Dead man tells no tales.
Correct    :--A dead man tells no tales.

Incorrect :--The man is mortal.
Correct   :--Man is mortal.

Incorrect :--The gold is  a precious metal.
Correct    :--Gold is a precious metal.

Incorrect :--Fire broke out in the house.
Correct   :-  A fire broke out in the house.

Incorrect :--It cost me hundred rupees.
Correct   :--It cost me a hundred rupees.

Incorrect :--I do not like that sort of a man.
Correct   :--I do not like that sort of man.

Incorrect :--The God is a great.
Correct    :--God is great.

Incorrect  :--The honesty is the best policy.
Correct    :--Honesty is the best policy.

Incorrect  :--This is a best book on religion.
Correct    :--This is the best book on religion.

Incorrect :--Poors are always with us.
Correct    :--The poor are always with us.

Incorrect  :--He is Kalidas of India.
Correct    :--He is the Kalidas of India.

Incorrect :--Ganges is a sacred river.
Correct   :--The Ganges is a sacred river.

Incorrect :--The Mount Everest is highest mountain in world.
Correct   :--Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

Incorrect :--I have finished the third and fourth chapter of this book.
Correct  :--I have finished the third and the fourth chapter
                   (Or,the third and fourth chapters) of this book.

Incorrect  :--I spent all money I had.
Correct   :--I spent all the money I had.

       4.Errors in the Use of Pronouns

Incorrect :--I am wiser than him
Correct   :--I am wiser than he.

Incorrect :--I am not as tall as him
Correct   :--I am not as tall as he.

Incorrect :--I don't know who I can trust.
Correct   :--I don't know whom I can trust.

Incorrect :--I know who you mean.
Correct   :--I know whom you mean.

Incorrect :--Who are you talking about?
Correct   :--Whom are you talking about?

Incorrect :--I met the boy whom you said won the first prize.
Correct   :--I met the boy who,you said,won the first prize.

Incorrect :--I met the girl who you said you gave my book.
Correct     :--I met the girl whom ,you gave my book.

Incorrect :--One should keep his promises.
Correct   :--One shoudl keep one's promises.

Incorrect :--Your separation distresses her.
Correct   :--Separation from you distresses her.

Incorrect :--I and Bali are ill.
Correct   :--Bali and I are ill.

Incorrect :--This bench is for me and him.
Correct   :_-This bench is for him and me.

Incorrect :--My horse and yours are both lame.
Correct   :--Your horse and mine are both lame.

Incorrect :--I have a pen .Do you want?
Correct   :--I have a pen.Do you want it?

Incorrect :--The boy is not here.Shall I call?
Correct   :--The boy is not here.Shall I call him?

Incorrect :--This is the bird who sings.
Correct   :--This is the bird which sings.

Incorrect  :--I thought it was her.
Correct    :--I thought it was she.

Incorrect :--They said it was me.
Correct   :--They said it was I.

Incorrect :--I supposed it to be she.
Correct   :--I supposed it to be her.

Incorrect :-- Who's speaking?It's him.
Correct   :--Who's speaking?It's he.

Incorrect :--Who's there?It is me.
Correct   :--Who's there?It's I.

Incorrect :--Let you and I the battle try.
Correct    :--Let you and me the battle try.

Incorrect :--Between you and I,he is a thief.
Correct    :--Between you and me,he is a thief.

Incorrect :--Ali and myself went there.
Correct   :--Ali and I went there.

Incorrect :--Each of the girls have their books.
Correct    :--Each of the girls has her  book.

Incorrect :--I am not one of those who believe in everything I hear.
Correct    :--I am not one of those who believe in everything they hear.

Incorrect :--Neither of the charges were just.
Correct    :--Neither of the charges was just.

Incorrect :--This is one of the best novel that has been printed this year.
Correct    :--This is one of the best novels that have been printed this year.

Incorrect :--This is the only one of the books that are worth reading.
Correct   :--This is the only one of  his books that is worth reading.

Incorrect :--He is not such a man whom you depict to be.
Correct   :--He is not such a man  as you depict him to be.

Incorrect :--This is the same girl who came here yesterday.
Corerct    :--This is the same girl that came here yesterday.

Incorrect :--This is the same pen which is yours.
Corerct    :--This is the same pen as yours.

     5. Errors  in the Use of Verbs

Incorrect :--He had gone to Bombay yesterday.
Correct   :--He went to Bombay yesterday.

Incorrect  :--I lived in Poona since 1980.
Correct    :--I have lived in Poona since 1980.

Incorrect :--I did not hear from you for a month.
Correct   :--I have not heard from you for a month.

Incorrect :--Stephenson has invented the steam engine.
Correct   :--Stephenson invented the steam engine.

Incorrect :--They have finished the work a week ago.
Correct    :---They finished the work a week ago.

Incorrect :--The new theatre has been opened last Sunday.
Correct   :--A new theatre was opened last Sunday.

Incorrect :--I had gone to Poona last week.
Correct   :--We went to Poona last week.

Incorrect :--We had gone to the cinema last night.
Correct   :--We went to the cinema last night.

Incorrect :--She died before her brother arrived.
Correct   :---She had died before her brother arrived.

Incorrect :--I will go by the time she will come.
Correct   :--I shall have gone by the time she comes.

Incorrect :--I am ill for two days.
Correct   :--I have been ill for two days.

Incorrect  :--I am here for the last two weeks.
Correct    :--I have been here for the last two weeks.

Incorrect  :--My son is ill all this week.
Correct    :--My son has been ill all this week.

Incorrect  :--I finished my work just now.
Correct    :--I have finished my work just now.

Incorrect  :--I lived here for the last three years.
Correct    :--I have lived here for the last three years.

Incorrect :--I have come here this morning.
Correct   :--I came here this morning.

Incorrect :--He was ill for two days,when the doctor was sent for.
Correct   :--He had been ill for two days,when the doctor was sent for.

Incorrect :--I told him to go.
Correct   :--I said him to go.

Incorrect :--He has ordered a wrist watch.
Correct   :--He has ordered for a wrist watch.

Incorrect :--The ship was sunk.
Correct   :--The ship was drowned.

Incorrect :--He would not listen to me.
Correct    :--He would not hear me.

Incorrect :--The river has overflowed its banks.
Correct   :--The river has overflown its banks.

Incorrect :--The murderer was hanged.
Correct   :--The murderer was hung.

Incorrect :--They hung the pictures on the wall.
Correct    :--They hanged the pictures on the walls.

Incorrect :--The hen has laid eggs.
Correct   :--The hen has lain eggs.

Incorrect  :--He lay under the tree.
Correct   :--He laid under the tree.

Incorrect :--He never has talked,and never will talk,to that girl.
Correct   :--He never has,and never will,talk to that girl.

Incorrect :--Four weeks is a good holiday.
Correct   :--Four weeks are a good holiday.

Incorrect :--The King ,with his ministers,was present.
Correct   :--The King, with his ministers,were present.

Incorrect :--Many a men were present there.
Correct  :---Many men were present there.
                  [Or, many a man was present there.]

Incorrect :--His arguments are as follow.
Corerct   :--His arguments are as follows.

Incorrect :--Mathematics require brains.
Correct   :--Mathematics requires brains.

Incorrect :--The Committee has issued their report.
Correct    :--The Committee has issued its report.

Incorrect :--The Arabian Nights are interesting book.
Correct   :--The Arabian Nights is an interesting book.

Incorrect :--Everyone of the men were present.
Correct   :--Every one of the men was present.

Incorrect :--Each boy and each girl were given a reward.
Correct   :--Each boy and each girl was given a reward.

Incorrect :--He is one of those men who knows everything.
Correct   :--He is one of those men who know everything.

Incorrect :--Mohan as well as Sohan have come.
Correct   :--Mohan as well as Sohan has come.

Incorrect :--He kept himself inside the house.
Correct   :--He kept inside the house.

Incorrect :--Enjoy in the garden.
Correct    :--Enjoy yourself in the garden.

Incorrect  :--He availed of the offer.
Correct    :--He availed himself of the offer.

Incorrect  :--She resigned to her fate.
Correct    :--She resigned herself to her fate.

Incorrect :--She prided on her achievement.
Correct   :--She prided herself on her achievement.

Incorrect  :--I engaged myself in business.
Correct    :--I engaged in business.

Incorrect  :--I prepared myself for the journey.
Correct    :--I prepared for the journey.

Incorrect  :--Why she told that lie?
Correct    :--Why did she tell that lie?

Incorrect :--When you will return home?
Correct   :--When will you return home?

Incorrect :--Which book he likes best?
Correct   :--Which book does he like best?

Incorrect :--I will receive my pay today.
Correct   :--I shall receive my pay today.

Incorrect :--I think he shall pass.
Correct   :--I think he will pass.

Incorrect :--I hope you shall pass.
Correct   :--I hope you will pass.

Incorrect  :--Thou wilt not steal.
Correct    :--Thou shalt not steal.

Incorrect :--You had better not to remain here.
Correct   :--You had better not remain here.

Incorrect :--She did nothing but to laugh.
Correct   :--She did nothing but laugh.

Incorrect  :--You need not to go there.
Correct    :--You need not go there.

Incorrect :--Bring me a chair to sit.
Correct   :--Bring me a chair to sit on.

Incorrect  :--I want a pen to write.
Correct    :--I want a pen to write with.

Incorrect :--I must have toys to play.
Correct   :--I muts have toys to play with.

Incorrect :--I was pleased at him coming back.
Correct   :--I was pleased at his coming back.

Incorrect  :--I was amused at the dog running after her.
Correct     :--I was amused at the dog's running after her.

Incorrect :--I depend upon Raman coming here.
Correct   :--I depend upon Raman's coming here.

Incorrect :--All depends upon the house's being built.
Correct   :--All depends upon the house being built.

Incorrect :--She persisted to do evil.
Correct   :--She persisted in doing evil.

Incorrect :--He insisted to go there.
Correct   :--He insisted on going there.

Incorrect :--Refrain to do evil.
Correct   :--Refrain from doing evil.

Incorrect :--You are prohibited to eat this fruit.
Correct   :--You are prohibited from eating this fruit.

Incorrect :--DO not prevent her to go there.
Correct   :--Do not prevent her from going there.

Incorrect  :--Abstain to take wine.
Correct    :--Abstain from taking wine.

Incorrect :--I depend on you to go there.
Correct   :--I depend upon your going there.

Incorrect :--I insisted on him to leave at once.
Correct   :--I insisted on his leaving at once.

        6. Errors in the Use of Adverbs.

Incorrect :--I am very surprised at the news.
Correct   :--I am much surprised at the news.

Incorrect :--I am much sorry to hear this.
Correct   :--I am very sorry to hear this.

Incorrect :--Honey is too sweet.
Correct   :--Honey is very sweet.

Incorrect :--Of course she dances very well.
Correct   :---She certainly dances very well.

Incorrect :--Only she drinks water.
Correct   :---She drinks only water.

Incorrect :--He is much tired.
Correct   :--He is very tired.

Incorrect :--I am much pleased to see you.
Correct   :--I am very pleased to see you.

Incorrect   :--It is too hot today.
Correct     :--It is very hot today.

Incorrect :--I am very obliged to you.
Correct   :--I am much obliged to you.

Incorrect :--She seldom or ever makes a mistake.
Correct   :--She seldom or never makes a mistake.

Incorrect :--I am so tired.
Correct   :--I am very tired.

Incorrect :--I haven't got none.
Correct   :--I haven't got any.

           7.Errors in the Use of Prepositions

Incorrect :--It has been raining from 8 o'clock.
Correct   :--It has been raining since 8 o'clock.

Incorrect  :--It has been raining since three hours.
Correct    :---It has been raining for three hours.

Incorrect  :--I have been here from last June.
Correct    :--I have been here since last  june.

Incorrect :--I have been suffering from fever from last night.
Correct   :--I have been suffering from fever since last night.

Incorrect :--He will come after a week.
Correct    :--He will come in a week.

Incorrect  :--The examination will begin from Tuesday.
Correct    :--The examination will begin on Tuesday.

Incorrect :--She is married with a rich man.
Correct   :--She is married to a rich man.

Incorrect  :--I prefer reading  poetry than prose.
Correct    :--I prefer reading poetry to prose.

Incorrect  :--This book is different to that.
Correct    :--This book is different from that.

Incorrect  :--Attend your work.
Correct    :--Attend to your work.

Incorrect :--Your conduct admits no excuse.
Correct   :--Your conduct admits of no excuse.

Incorrect :--He resembles with his father.
Correct   :--He resembles his father.

Incorrect :--They discussed about the matter.
Correct   :--They discussed the matter.

Incorrect :--He ascended up the hill.
Correct   :--He ascended the hill.

Incorrect  :--He picked up a quarrel with me.
Correct    :--He picked a quarrel with me.

Incorrect  :--Due to the accident,I could not go.
Correct    :--Owing to the accident,I could not go.

Incorrect :--I shall come before an hour.
Correct   :--I shall come within an hour.

Incorrect :--I shall finish my work within 6 o'clock.
Correct    :--I shall finish my work before 6 o'clock.

      8. Errors in the Use of Conjunctions

Incorrect :--Unless you do not work harder you will fail.
Correct   :--Unless you work harder,you will fail.

Incorrect  :--He asked that what was my name.
Correct    :--He asked what my name was.

Incorrect  :--He said that,'I am ill'.
Correct    :--He said,'I am ill'.

Incorrect  :--He asked that how long you would be absent.
Correct     :--He asked how long you would be absent.

Incorrect  :--I asked her that whether her mother was at home.
Correct    :--I asked her whether her mother was at home.

Incorrect  :--He not only was fined but also expelled.
Correct    :--He was not only fined but also expelled.

Incorrect  :--Scarcely had he left than Ali came.
Correct     :--Scarcely had he left when Ali came.

Incorrect  :--No sooner he heard the news,he left.
Correct    :--No sooner did he hear the news than he left.

Incorrect  :--No sooner the bell rang the boys ran out of their classes.
Correct    :--No sooner did the bell ring than the boys ran out of their classrooms.

Incorrect  :--Though he worked hard but he failed.
Correct    :--Though he worked hard, he(or,yet he) failed.

Incorrect  :--He had hardly reached there than it began to rain.
Correct    :--He had hardly reached there when it began to rain.

Incorrect  :--Neither he or his sister came.
Correct    :--Neither he nor his sister came.

                   9. Miscellaneous Errors

Incorrect :--I am,your's sincerely.
Correct   :--I am,yours sincerely.

Incorrect  :--I have an urgent business to do.
Correct    :--I have an urgent piece of business to do.

Incorrect  :--He has not yet replied my letter.
Correct    :--He has not yet replied to my letter.

Incorrect :--Explain me this question.
Correct   :--Explain this question to me.

Incorrect  :--At what time do you sleep?
Correct    :--At what time do you go to bed?

Incorrect :--He took his breakfast at six.
Correct   :--He had breakfast at six.

Incorrect  :--He forbade the boys not to talk.
Correct    :--He forbade the boys to talk.

Incorrect :--Do not make noise.
Correct   :--Do not make a noise.

Incorrect  :--I have been studying from early morning.
Correct    :--I have been studying since early morning.

Incorrect  :--He said that he is well.
Correct    :--He said that he  was well.

Incorrect :--Sitting on a gate ,a wasp stung me.
Correct   :--Sitting on a gate,I was stung by a wasp.

Incorrect :--I gave her two hundreds rupees.
Correct   :--I have her two hundred rupees.

Incorrect :--I worked for one and a half hours.
Correct   :--I worked for an hour and a half.

Incorrect  :--French defeated English.
Correct    :--The French defeated the English.

Incorrect :--This piece of muslin is five and a half metres long.
Correct   :--This piece of muslin is five metres and a half long.

Incorrect :--Columbus invented America.
Correct   :--Columbus discovered America.

Incorrect :--Edison discovered the phonograph.
Correct   :--Edison invented the phono-graph.

Incorrect  :--He refused having murdered her.
Correct    :--He denied having murdered her.

Incorrect :--He denied to give an explanation.
Correct   :--He refused to give an explanation.

Incorrect  :--Divide this money among the two brothers.
Correct    :--Divide this money between the two brothers.

Incorrect  :--The four brothers always quarrelled between themselves.
Correct    :--The four brothers always quarrelled among themselves.

Incorrect  :--I saw a theatre last night.
Correct    :--I saw a play last night.

Incorrect :--This is a worth seeing building.
Correct    :--This is a building worth seeing.

Incorrect  :--He will not listen what you say.
Correct    :--He will not listen to what you say.

Incorrect :--A series of objections have been raised.
Correct   :--A series of objections has been raised.

Incorrect  :--He recommended for me to the Magistrate.
Correct    :--He recommended me to the Magistrate.

Incorrect  :--He does not obey to my orders.
Correct    :--He does not obey my orders.

Incorrect   :--He always kept his words.
Correct     :--He always kept his word.

Incorrect   :--This is such an honour which I never expected.
Correct     :--This is such an honour as I never expected.

Incorrect   :--The sceneries of Switzerland are very fine.
Correct     :--The scenery of Switzerland is very fine.

Incorrect   :--Being a hot day,I remained indoors.
Correct     :--It being a hot day,I remained indoors.

Incorrect  :--I request your favour of granting me three days' leave.
Correct    :--I request the favour of your granting me three days' leave.

Incorrect :--The house's roof fell down.
Correct   :--The roof of the house fell down.

Incorrect  :--It is one of the most satisfactory proposal that has  ever been made.
Correct     :--It is one of the most satisfac-tory proposals that have ever been made.

Incorrect :--This is a long paper;have you completed?
Correct   :--This is a long paper;have you completed it?

Incorrect  :--I never had and never will do such a thing.
Correct    :--I never have done and never will do such a thing.

Incorrect  :--He had died yesterday by cholera.
Correct    :--He died yesterday of cholera.

Incorrect :--This statement is quite different to what we expected.
Correct   :--This statement is quite different from what we expected.

Incorrect  :--Shakespeare is greater than any dramatist.
Correct    :--Shakespeare is greater than any other dramatist.

Incorrect :--He is one of the best scholar that has ever lived.
Correct   :--He is one of the best scholars that have ever lived.

Incorrect  :--I have many works to do.
Correct    :--I have much work to do.

Incorrect  :--He went to the river for bathing.
Correct    :--He went to the river to bathe.

Incorrect  :--One must do his duty towards his fellow-man.
Correct    :--One must do one's duty towards one's fellow-men.

Incorrect  :--He is my oldest son.
Correct    :--He is my eldest son.

Incorrect  :--The hen has lain six eggs yesterday.
Correct    :--The hen laid six eggs yesterday.

Incorrect :--He knows swimming.
Correct    :--He knows how to swim.

Incorrect  :--I want you to immediately go there.
Correct    :--I want you to go there immediately.

Incorrect  :--No sooner he fell ill,he died.
Correct     :--No sooner did he fall ill than he died.

Incorrect  :--I prefer coffee than tea.
Correct     :--I prefer coffee to tea.

Incorrect  :--He is addicted to drinking.
Correct    :--He is addicted to drink.

Incorrect  :--Good night,sir;I am much glad to see you.
Correct    :--Good night,sir;I am very glad to see you.

Incorrect  :--He says that his brother is sick.
Correct    :--He says that his brother is ill.

Incorrect  :--There is no place in this compartment.
Correct    :--There is no room in this compartment.

Incorrect  :--He prayed God for his mercy..
Correct    :--He prayed to God for His mercy.

Incorrect  :--The examination will begin from May 15.
Correct     :-The examination will begin on May 15.

Incorrect  :--Many a men do not do their duty towards their country.
Correct    :--Many a man does not do his duty towards his country.

Incorrect  :--He wore his hat and left the room.
Correct     :--He put on his hat and left the room.

Incorrect  :--My secretary usually opens the post.
Correct    :--My secretary usually opens the mail.

Incorrect  :--The majority of boys was caught copying.
Correct    :--The majority of boys were caught copying.

Incorrect  :--This fruit tastes bitterly.
Correct    :--This fruit tastes bitter.

Incorrect  :--Was the note written with pencil or with ink?
Correct    :--Was the note written in pencil or in ink?