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Friday, September 5, 2014


466. Two or more Simple Sentences can be combined into one Compound Sentence :--

    (1)  By using some Co-ordinating Conjunction which adds one statement to another    
          ( e.g., and,  both...and, not   only...but   also,  not less than, etc.)

         1) God made the country. Man made the town.
             God made the country and man made the town.

         2) He is a rogue. He is a madman.
             He is both a rogue and a madman.

         3) We learn English. We learn Hindi.
              We learn English as well as Hindi.

         4) His enemies declared him to be guilty. His best friends also declared him to be
             Not only his enemies but his best friends also declared him to be guilty.

         5). Ali is guilty. Hari is guilty no less.
              Hari no less than Ali is guilty. 

 (2) By using some Co-ordinating Conjunction, which suggests a choice between two
       statements ( e.g., or, either...or, neither...nor, etc.)

            1). She must weep. She will die.
                 She must weep or she will die.

            2). Take medicine regularly. You will not get better.
                  Take medicine regularly, else you will not get better.

            3). He is mad. He feigns madness.
                 Either he is mad, or he feigns madness.

            4). He is not an idler. He is not a gambler.
                 He is neither an idler nor a gambler.

(3) By using some Co-ordinating Conjunction which suggests a contrast between two
      different statements ( e.g., but, still, yet, only, etc. )

            1) He is poor. He is contended.
                He is poor, but he is contended.

            2) He is rich. He is unhappy.
                He is rich, still he is unhappy.

            3) He may slay me. I will trust Him.
                He may slay me, yet I will trust Him.

            4) Wise men love truth. Fools shun it.
                Wise men love truth, whereas ( or while ) fools shun it.

            5) He failed again and again. He persevered.
                He failed again and again, nevertheless he persevered.

(4) By using some Co-ordinating Conjunction which suggests that one statement stands as a 
      consequence of another ( e.g., therefore, so, far, etc.)

      1). He was found guilty . He was hanged.
           He was found guilty, therefore he was hanged.

      2). He is unwell. He cannot attend college.
           He is unwell, so he cannot attend college.

      3). He will die one day. All man are mortal.
           He will die one day, for all men are mortal.


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