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Thursday, December 23, 2010



363. Given below are some of the common errors which are generally committed
        by Indian students in their everyday speech and writing :--

                     1. Errors in the Use of Nouns

Incorrect:--I have received no informations.     
Correct:--- I have received no information.

Incorrect:-- That's a useful information.            
Correct :--- That's a useful piece(bit) of information.

Incorrect :-- He gave us many good advices.      
Correct:----- He gave us much good advice.

Incorrect:--- My circumstance is bad.                 
Correct:----- My circumstances are bad.

Incorrect:--- No pain was spared.                       
Correct:----- No pains were spared.

Incorrect:--- I eat vegetable.                                 
Correct:----- I eat vegetables(or vegetable food).

Incorrect:--- She has sold all her furnitures.      
Correct:----- She has sold all her furniture.

Incorrect:--- The sceneries of Kashmir are  very charming 
Correct :---- The scenery of Kashmir is very charming.

Incorrect:--- These news are good.                      
Correct:---- The news is good.

Incorrect:---I am learning a new poetry.           
Correct:-----I am learning a new poem.

Incorrect:---The riches should help the poors.   
Correct:-----The rich should help the poor.

Incorrect:---Her hairs are black.                       
Correct:-----Her hair is black.

Incorrect:---The house is built of stones.           
Correct:-----This house is built of stone.

Incorrect:---The cattles are grazing in the meadow.     
Correct:---- The cattle are grazing in the meadow.

Incorrect:---Peoples do not like to be kept waiting.    
Correct:--- People do not like to be kept waiting.

Incorrect:--His trouser was torn.                      
Correct:--- His trousers were torn.

Incorrect:-Those scissors belongs to me.       
Correct:--  Those scissors belong to me.

Incorrect:-That pair of scissors belong to me
Correct:---That pair of scissors belongs to me.

Incorrect:-He came with his family members.               
Correct:-- He came with the members of his  family.

Incorrect:-She gave me two dozens mangoes          
Correct:---She gave me two dozen mangoes.

Incorrect:-The clock has struck six hours.     
Correct:---The clock has struck six.

Incorrect:-- He will keep his words.                 
Correct:---  He will  keep his word.

Incorrect:- He did many mischiefs.                 
Correct:-   He did many acts of mischief.

Incorrect:--She greeted me with a stream  of abuses.   
Correct:--   She greeted me with a stream of abuse.

Incorrect:-- He gave me a ten rupees note.      
Correct:---  He gave me a ten-rupee note.

           2.Errors in the Use of Adjectives

Incorrect:--I like these kind of books.
Correct:----I like this kind of books. [Or,I like books of this kind.]

Incorrect:--I do not like those sort of people.
Correct:----I do not like that sort of people.[Or,people of that sort.]

Incorrect:--This is the best pen of the two.
Correct:----This is the better pen of the two.

Incorrect:--Of the two boys,he was cer-tainly the tallest.
Correct:----Of the two boys,he was certainly the taller.

Incorrect:--Her essay is worst than mine.
Correct:----Her essay is worse than mine.

Incorrect:--He is more cleverer than I am.
Correct:----He is cleverer than I.

Incorrect:--This is the most wisest plan.
Correct:----This is the wisest plan.

Incorrect:--The rose smells sweetly.
Correct:----The rose smell sweet.

Incorrect:--Bring me any water to drink.
Correct:----Bring me some water to drink.

Incorrect:--I did not find some girls here.
Correct:----I did not find any girls here.

Incorrect:--Little money is better than none.
Correct  :--A little money is better than none.

Incorrect :--I spent little money I had.
Correct:----I spent the little money that I had.

Incorrect :--She has a little hope of passing this year.
Correct   :--She has little hope of passing this year.

Incorrect :--I have only little time left with me.
Correct   :--I have only a little time left with me.

Incorrect :--I have still few rupees left with me.
Correct    :--I have still a few ruppes left with me.

Incorrect :--I read a few books I had.
correct     :--I read the few books I had.

Incorrect :--He stayed here few days.
Correct    :--He stayed here a few days.

Incorrect :--He has a dozen of cows.
Correct    :--He has a dozen cows.

Incorrect  :--The two men struck one another.
Correct     :--The two men struck each other.

Incorrect  :--They all helped each other.
Correct     :--They all helped one another.

Incorrect :--This pen is superior than that.
Correct    :--This pen is superior to that.

Incorrect :--Your son is junior than me.
Correct    :--Your son is junior to mine.

Incorrect  :--This man is senior than me.
Correct     :--This man is senior to me.

Incorrect  :--This wine is inferior than that.
Corerct     :--This wine is inferior to that.

Incorrect  :--This book is much interesting.
Correct     :--This book is very interesting.

Incorrect   :--Whole New York mourns his loss.
Correct      :--The whole of the New York mourns his loss.

Incorrect  :--This is a best book.
Correct     :--This is a very good book.

Incorrect   :--He is a worst boy.
Correct      :--He is a very bad boy.

Incorrect   :--Health is more preferable than wealth.
Correct      :--Health is preferable to wealth.

Incorrect  :--My all books are lost.
Correct     :--All my books are lost.

Incorrect  :--Always speak truth.
Correct     :--Always speak the truth.

Incorrect  :--This boy is more honest than all the boys.
Correct     :--This boy is more honest than all the other boys.

Incorrect  :--This paper has the largest circulation of any other daily paper.
Correct     :--This paper has the largest circulation of all daily papers.
                          [Or,has a larger circulation than any other daily paper.]

Incorrect  :--The population of Bombay is greater than Madras.
Correct     :--The population of Bombay is greater than that of Madras.

Incorrect   :--Not less than forty soldiers were killed.
Correct      :--No fewer than forty soldiers were killed.

Incorrect   :--He is elder than Ali.
Correct      :--He is older than Ali.

Incorrect   :--He is my oldest brother.
Correct      :--He is my eldest brother.

                  3. Errors in the Use of Articles

Incorrect :--He is an European.
Correct    :--He is a European.

Incorrect :--He is an University Professor.
Correct   :--He is a University Professor.

Incorrect :--Dead man tells no tales.
Correct    :--A dead man tells no tales.

Incorrect :--The man is mortal.
Correct   :--Man is mortal.

Incorrect :--The gold is  a precious metal.
Correct    :--Gold is a precious metal.

Incorrect :--Fire broke out in the house.
Correct   :-  A fire broke out in the house.

Incorrect :--It cost me hundred rupees.
Correct   :--It cost me a hundred rupees.

Incorrect :--I do not like that sort of a man.
Correct   :--I do not like that sort of man.

Incorrect :--The God is a great.
Correct    :--God is great.

Incorrect  :--The honesty is the best policy.
Correct    :--Honesty is the best policy.

Incorrect  :--This is a best book on religion.
Correct    :--This is the best book on religion.

Incorrect :--Poors are always with us.
Correct    :--The poor are always with us.

Incorrect  :--He is Kalidas of India.
Correct    :--He is the Kalidas of India.

Incorrect :--Ganges is a sacred river.
Correct   :--The Ganges is a sacred river.

Incorrect :--The Mount Everest is highest mountain in world.
Correct   :--Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

Incorrect :--I have finished the third and fourth chapter of this book.
Correct  :--I have finished the third and the fourth chapter
                   (Or,the third and fourth chapters) of this book.

Incorrect  :--I spent all money I had.
Correct   :--I spent all the money I had.

       4.Errors in the Use of Pronouns

Incorrect :--I am wiser than him
Correct   :--I am wiser than he.

Incorrect :--I am not as tall as him
Correct   :--I am not as tall as he.

Incorrect :--I don't know who I can trust.
Correct   :--I don't know whom I can trust.

Incorrect :--I know who you mean.
Correct   :--I know whom you mean.

Incorrect :--Who are you talking about?
Correct   :--Whom are you talking about?

Incorrect :--I met the boy whom you said won the first prize.
Correct   :--I met the boy who,you said,won the first prize.

Incorrect :--I met the girl who you said you gave my book.
Correct     :--I met the girl whom ,you gave my book.

Incorrect :--One should keep his promises.
Correct   :--One shoudl keep one's promises.

Incorrect :--Your separation distresses her.
Correct   :--Separation from you distresses her.

Incorrect :--I and Bali are ill.
Correct   :--Bali and I are ill.

Incorrect :--This bench is for me and him.
Correct   :_-This bench is for him and me.

Incorrect :--My horse and yours are both lame.
Correct   :--Your horse and mine are both lame.

Incorrect :--I have a pen .Do you want?
Correct   :--I have a pen.Do you want it?

Incorrect :--The boy is not here.Shall I call?
Correct   :--The boy is not here.Shall I call him?

Incorrect :--This is the bird who sings.
Correct   :--This is the bird which sings.

Incorrect  :--I thought it was her.
Correct    :--I thought it was she.

Incorrect :--They said it was me.
Correct   :--They said it was I.

Incorrect :--I supposed it to be she.
Correct   :--I supposed it to be her.

Incorrect :-- Who's speaking?It's him.
Correct   :--Who's speaking?It's he.

Incorrect :--Who's there?It is me.
Correct   :--Who's there?It's I.

Incorrect :--Let you and I the battle try.
Correct    :--Let you and me the battle try.

Incorrect :--Between you and I,he is a thief.
Correct    :--Between you and me,he is a thief.

Incorrect :--Ali and myself went there.
Correct   :--Ali and I went there.

Incorrect :--Each of the girls have their books.
Correct    :--Each of the girls has her  book.

Incorrect :--I am not one of those who believe in everything I hear.
Correct    :--I am not one of those who believe in everything they hear.

Incorrect :--Neither of the charges were just.
Correct    :--Neither of the charges was just.

Incorrect :--This is one of the best novel that has been printed this year.
Correct    :--This is one of the best novels that have been printed this year.

Incorrect :--This is the only one of the books that are worth reading.
Correct   :--This is the only one of  his books that is worth reading.

Incorrect :--He is not such a man whom you depict to be.
Correct   :--He is not such a man  as you depict him to be.

Incorrect :--This is the same girl who came here yesterday.
Corerct    :--This is the same girl that came here yesterday.

Incorrect :--This is the same pen which is yours.
Corerct    :--This is the same pen as yours.

     5. Errors  in the Use of Verbs

Incorrect :--He had gone to Bombay yesterday.
Correct   :--He went to Bombay yesterday.

Incorrect  :--I lived in Poona since 1980.
Correct    :--I have lived in Poona since 1980.

Incorrect :--I did not hear from you for a month.
Correct   :--I have not heard from you for a month.

Incorrect :--Stephenson has invented the steam engine.
Correct   :--Stephenson invented the steam engine.

Incorrect :--They have finished the work a week ago.
Correct    :---They finished the work a week ago.

Incorrect :--The new theatre has been opened last Sunday.
Correct   :--A new theatre was opened last Sunday.

Incorrect :--I had gone to Poona last week.
Correct   :--We went to Poona last week.

Incorrect :--We had gone to the cinema last night.
Correct   :--We went to the cinema last night.

Incorrect :--She died before her brother arrived.
Correct   :---She had died before her brother arrived.

Incorrect :--I will go by the time she will come.
Correct   :--I shall have gone by the time she comes.

Incorrect :--I am ill for two days.
Correct   :--I have been ill for two days.

Incorrect  :--I am here for the last two weeks.
Correct    :--I have been here for the last two weeks.

Incorrect  :--My son is ill all this week.
Correct    :--My son has been ill all this week.

Incorrect  :--I finished my work just now.
Correct    :--I have finished my work just now.

Incorrect  :--I lived here for the last three years.
Correct    :--I have lived here for the last three years.

Incorrect :--I have come here this morning.
Correct   :--I came here this morning.

Incorrect :--He was ill for two days,when the doctor was sent for.
Correct   :--He had been ill for two days,when the doctor was sent for.

Incorrect :--I told him to go.
Correct   :--I said him to go.

Incorrect :--He has ordered a wrist watch.
Correct   :--He has ordered for a wrist watch.

Incorrect :--The ship was sunk.
Correct   :--The ship was drowned.

Incorrect :--He would not listen to me.
Correct    :--He would not hear me.

Incorrect :--The river has overflowed its banks.
Correct   :--The river has overflown its banks.

Incorrect :--The murderer was hanged.
Correct   :--The murderer was hung.

Incorrect :--They hung the pictures on the wall.
Correct    :--They hanged the pictures on the walls.

Incorrect :--The hen has laid eggs.
Correct   :--The hen has lain eggs.

Incorrect  :--He lay under the tree.
Correct   :--He laid under the tree.

Incorrect :--He never has talked,and never will talk,to that girl.
Correct   :--He never has,and never will,talk to that girl.

Incorrect :--Four weeks is a good holiday.
Correct   :--Four weeks are a good holiday.

Incorrect :--The King ,with his ministers,was present.
Correct   :--The King, with his ministers,were present.

Incorrect :--Many a men were present there.
Correct  :---Many men were present there.
                  [Or, many a man was present there.]

Incorrect :--His arguments are as follow.
Corerct   :--His arguments are as follows.

Incorrect :--Mathematics require brains.
Correct   :--Mathematics requires brains.

Incorrect :--The Committee has issued their report.
Correct    :--The Committee has issued its report.

Incorrect :--The Arabian Nights are interesting book.
Correct   :--The Arabian Nights is an interesting book.

Incorrect :--Everyone of the men were present.
Correct   :--Every one of the men was present.

Incorrect :--Each boy and each girl were given a reward.
Correct   :--Each boy and each girl was given a reward.

Incorrect :--He is one of those men who knows everything.
Correct   :--He is one of those men who know everything.

Incorrect :--Mohan as well as Sohan have come.
Correct   :--Mohan as well as Sohan has come.

Incorrect :--He kept himself inside the house.
Correct   :--He kept inside the house.

Incorrect :--Enjoy in the garden.
Correct    :--Enjoy yourself in the garden.

Incorrect  :--He availed of the offer.
Correct    :--He availed himself of the offer.

Incorrect  :--She resigned to her fate.
Correct    :--She resigned herself to her fate.

Incorrect :--She prided on her achievement.
Correct   :--She prided herself on her achievement.

Incorrect  :--I engaged myself in business.
Correct    :--I engaged in business.

Incorrect  :--I prepared myself for the journey.
Correct    :--I prepared for the journey.

Incorrect  :--Why she told that lie?
Correct    :--Why did she tell that lie?

Incorrect :--When you will return home?
Correct   :--When will you return home?

Incorrect :--Which book he likes best?
Correct   :--Which book does he like best?

Incorrect :--I will receive my pay today.
Correct   :--I shall receive my pay today.

Incorrect :--I think he shall pass.
Correct   :--I think he will pass.

Incorrect :--I hope you shall pass.
Correct   :--I hope you will pass.

Incorrect  :--Thou wilt not steal.
Correct    :--Thou shalt not steal.

Incorrect :--You had better not to remain here.
Correct   :--You had better not remain here.

Incorrect :--She did nothing but to laugh.
Correct   :--She did nothing but laugh.

Incorrect  :--You need not to go there.
Correct    :--You need not go there.

Incorrect :--Bring me a chair to sit.
Correct   :--Bring me a chair to sit on.

Incorrect  :--I want a pen to write.
Correct    :--I want a pen to write with.

Incorrect :--I must have toys to play.
Correct   :--I muts have toys to play with.

Incorrect :--I was pleased at him coming back.
Correct   :--I was pleased at his coming back.

Incorrect  :--I was amused at the dog running after her.
Correct     :--I was amused at the dog's running after her.

Incorrect :--I depend upon Raman coming here.
Correct   :--I depend upon Raman's coming here.

Incorrect :--All depends upon the house's being built.
Correct   :--All depends upon the house being built.

Incorrect :--She persisted to do evil.
Correct   :--She persisted in doing evil.

Incorrect :--He insisted to go there.
Correct   :--He insisted on going there.

Incorrect :--Refrain to do evil.
Correct   :--Refrain from doing evil.

Incorrect :--You are prohibited to eat this fruit.
Correct   :--You are prohibited from eating this fruit.

Incorrect :--DO not prevent her to go there.
Correct   :--Do not prevent her from going there.

Incorrect  :--Abstain to take wine.
Correct    :--Abstain from taking wine.

Incorrect :--I depend on you to go there.
Correct   :--I depend upon your going there.

Incorrect :--I insisted on him to leave at once.
Correct   :--I insisted on his leaving at once.

        6. Errors in the Use of Adverbs.

Incorrect :--I am very surprised at the news.
Correct   :--I am much surprised at the news.

Incorrect :--I am much sorry to hear this.
Correct   :--I am very sorry to hear this.

Incorrect :--Honey is too sweet.
Correct   :--Honey is very sweet.

Incorrect :--Of course she dances very well.
Correct   :---She certainly dances very well.

Incorrect :--Only she drinks water.
Correct   :---She drinks only water.

Incorrect :--He is much tired.
Correct   :--He is very tired.

Incorrect :--I am much pleased to see you.
Correct   :--I am very pleased to see you.

Incorrect   :--It is too hot today.
Correct     :--It is very hot today.

Incorrect :--I am very obliged to you.
Correct   :--I am much obliged to you.

Incorrect :--She seldom or ever makes a mistake.
Correct   :--She seldom or never makes a mistake.

Incorrect :--I am so tired.
Correct   :--I am very tired.

Incorrect :--I haven't got none.
Correct   :--I haven't got any.

           7.Errors in the Use of Prepositions

Incorrect :--It has been raining from 8 o'clock.
Correct   :--It has been raining since 8 o'clock.

Incorrect  :--It has been raining since three hours.
Correct    :---It has been raining for three hours.

Incorrect  :--I have been here from last June.
Correct    :--I have been here since last  june.

Incorrect :--I have been suffering from fever from last night.
Correct   :--I have been suffering from fever since last night.

Incorrect :--He will come after a week.
Correct    :--He will come in a week.

Incorrect  :--The examination will begin from Tuesday.
Correct    :--The examination will begin on Tuesday.

Incorrect :--She is married with a rich man.
Correct   :--She is married to a rich man.

Incorrect  :--I prefer reading  poetry than prose.
Correct    :--I prefer reading poetry to prose.

Incorrect  :--This book is different to that.
Correct    :--This book is different from that.

Incorrect  :--Attend your work.
Correct    :--Attend to your work.

Incorrect :--Your conduct admits no excuse.
Correct   :--Your conduct admits of no excuse.

Incorrect :--He resembles with his father.
Correct   :--He resembles his father.

Incorrect :--They discussed about the matter.
Correct   :--They discussed the matter.

Incorrect :--He ascended up the hill.
Correct   :--He ascended the hill.

Incorrect  :--He picked up a quarrel with me.
Correct    :--He picked a quarrel with me.

Incorrect  :--Due to the accident,I could not go.
Correct    :--Owing to the accident,I could not go.

Incorrect :--I shall come before an hour.
Correct   :--I shall come within an hour.

Incorrect :--I shall finish my work within 6 o'clock.
Correct    :--I shall finish my work before 6 o'clock.

      8. Errors in the Use of Conjunctions

Incorrect :--Unless you do not work harder you will fail.
Correct   :--Unless you work harder,you will fail.

Incorrect  :--He asked that what was my name.
Correct    :--He asked what my name was.

Incorrect  :--He said that,'I am ill'.
Correct    :--He said,'I am ill'.

Incorrect  :--He asked that how long you would be absent.
Correct     :--He asked how long you would be absent.

Incorrect  :--I asked her that whether her mother was at home.
Correct    :--I asked her whether her mother was at home.

Incorrect  :--He not only was fined but also expelled.
Correct    :--He was not only fined but also expelled.

Incorrect  :--Scarcely had he left than Ali came.
Correct     :--Scarcely had he left when Ali came.

Incorrect  :--No sooner he heard the news,he left.
Correct    :--No sooner did he hear the news than he left.

Incorrect  :--No sooner the bell rang the boys ran out of their classes.
Correct    :--No sooner did the bell ring than the boys ran out of their classrooms.

Incorrect  :--Though he worked hard but he failed.
Correct    :--Though he worked hard, he(or,yet he) failed.

Incorrect  :--He had hardly reached there than it began to rain.
Correct    :--He had hardly reached there when it began to rain.

Incorrect  :--Neither he or his sister came.
Correct    :--Neither he nor his sister came.

                   9. Miscellaneous Errors

Incorrect :--I am,your's sincerely.
Correct   :--I am,yours sincerely.

Incorrect  :--I have an urgent business to do.
Correct    :--I have an urgent piece of business to do.

Incorrect  :--He has not yet replied my letter.
Correct    :--He has not yet replied to my letter.

Incorrect :--Explain me this question.
Correct   :--Explain this question to me.

Incorrect  :--At what time do you sleep?
Correct    :--At what time do you go to bed?

Incorrect :--He took his breakfast at six.
Correct   :--He had breakfast at six.

Incorrect  :--He forbade the boys not to talk.
Correct    :--He forbade the boys to talk.

Incorrect :--Do not make noise.
Correct   :--Do not make a noise.

Incorrect  :--I have been studying from early morning.
Correct    :--I have been studying since early morning.

Incorrect  :--He said that he is well.
Correct    :--He said that he  was well.

Incorrect :--Sitting on a gate ,a wasp stung me.
Correct   :--Sitting on a gate,I was stung by a wasp.

Incorrect :--I gave her two hundreds rupees.
Correct   :--I have her two hundred rupees.

Incorrect :--I worked for one and a half hours.
Correct   :--I worked for an hour and a half.

Incorrect  :--French defeated English.
Correct    :--The French defeated the English.

Incorrect :--This piece of muslin is five and a half metres long.
Correct   :--This piece of muslin is five metres and a half long.

Incorrect :--Columbus invented America.
Correct   :--Columbus discovered America.

Incorrect :--Edison discovered the phonograph.
Correct   :--Edison invented the phono-graph.

Incorrect  :--He refused having murdered her.
Correct    :--He denied having murdered her.

Incorrect :--He denied to give an explanation.
Correct   :--He refused to give an explanation.

Incorrect  :--Divide this money among the two brothers.
Correct    :--Divide this money between the two brothers.

Incorrect  :--The four brothers always quarrelled between themselves.
Correct    :--The four brothers always quarrelled among themselves.

Incorrect  :--I saw a theatre last night.
Correct    :--I saw a play last night.

Incorrect :--This is a worth seeing building.
Correct    :--This is a building worth seeing.

Incorrect  :--He will not listen what you say.
Correct    :--He will not listen to what you say.

Incorrect :--A series of objections have been raised.
Correct   :--A series of objections has been raised.

Incorrect  :--He recommended for me to the Magistrate.
Correct    :--He recommended me to the Magistrate.

Incorrect  :--He does not obey to my orders.
Correct    :--He does not obey my orders.

Incorrect   :--He always kept his words.
Correct     :--He always kept his word.

Incorrect   :--This is such an honour which I never expected.
Correct     :--This is such an honour as I never expected.

Incorrect   :--The sceneries of Switzerland are very fine.
Correct     :--The scenery of Switzerland is very fine.

Incorrect   :--Being a hot day,I remained indoors.
Correct     :--It being a hot day,I remained indoors.

Incorrect  :--I request your favour of granting me three days' leave.
Correct    :--I request the favour of your granting me three days' leave.

Incorrect :--The house's roof fell down.
Correct   :--The roof of the house fell down.

Incorrect  :--It is one of the most satisfactory proposal that has  ever been made.
Correct     :--It is one of the most satisfac-tory proposals that have ever been made.

Incorrect :--This is a long paper;have you completed?
Correct   :--This is a long paper;have you completed it?

Incorrect  :--I never had and never will do such a thing.
Correct    :--I never have done and never will do such a thing.

Incorrect  :--He had died yesterday by cholera.
Correct    :--He died yesterday of cholera.

Incorrect :--This statement is quite different to what we expected.
Correct   :--This statement is quite different from what we expected.

Incorrect  :--Shakespeare is greater than any dramatist.
Correct    :--Shakespeare is greater than any other dramatist.

Incorrect :--He is one of the best scholar that has ever lived.
Correct   :--He is one of the best scholars that have ever lived.

Incorrect  :--I have many works to do.
Correct    :--I have much work to do.

Incorrect  :--He went to the river for bathing.
Correct    :--He went to the river to bathe.

Incorrect  :--One must do his duty towards his fellow-man.
Correct    :--One must do one's duty towards one's fellow-men.

Incorrect  :--He is my oldest son.
Correct    :--He is my eldest son.

Incorrect  :--The hen has lain six eggs yesterday.
Correct    :--The hen laid six eggs yesterday.

Incorrect :--He knows swimming.
Correct    :--He knows how to swim.

Incorrect  :--I want you to immediately go there.
Correct    :--I want you to go there immediately.

Incorrect  :--No sooner he fell ill,he died.
Correct     :--No sooner did he fall ill than he died.

Incorrect  :--I prefer coffee than tea.
Correct     :--I prefer coffee to tea.

Incorrect  :--He is addicted to drinking.
Correct    :--He is addicted to drink.

Incorrect  :--Good night,sir;I am much glad to see you.
Correct    :--Good night,sir;I am very glad to see you.

Incorrect  :--He says that his brother is sick.
Correct    :--He says that his brother is ill.

Incorrect  :--There is no place in this compartment.
Correct    :--There is no room in this compartment.

Incorrect  :--He prayed God for his mercy..
Correct    :--He prayed to God for His mercy.

Incorrect  :--The examination will begin from May 15.
Correct     :-The examination will begin on May 15.

Incorrect  :--Many a men do not do their duty towards their country.
Correct    :--Many a man does not do his duty towards his country.

Incorrect  :--He wore his hat and left the room.
Correct     :--He put on his hat and left the room.

Incorrect  :--My secretary usually opens the post.
Correct    :--My secretary usually opens the mail.

Incorrect  :--The majority of boys was caught copying.
Correct    :--The majority of boys were caught copying.

Incorrect  :--This fruit tastes bitterly.
Correct    :--This fruit tastes bitter.

Incorrect  :--Was the note written with pencil or with ink?
Correct    :--Was the note written in pencil or in ink?


  1. I gave him ten hundred ruppes note

    1. Of course not but correct sentence will be "I have given a ten hundred rupees note".

  2. this house is consist of ten rooms
    is this sentence right

  3. There were more pens than were expected is correct?

  4. I have spent the little money I had
    is any error in this sentence

  5. what is the correct sentence
    gave his the father poor five hundred treatment rupees for.

    1. The poor father gave five hundred ruppes for his treatment.

    2. Rahul took five hundred rupees from his poor father. Learn English in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, all Indian major cities.

  6. I request your favour to grant me leave... Plz correct this

  7. I request your favour to grant me leave... Plz correct this

  8. Which article is to be used here?

    Here is _______ 100 rupee note.

  9. This pen is very good but it costed me ten rupees. Is it correct??

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  12. I wonder if it was a mistake - but I found this example incorrect:

    Incorrect :--I told him to go.
    Correct :--I said him to go.

    I think the correct combinations are:

    CORRECT :--I told him to go.
    ALSO Correct :--I said TO him, "GO."

    The verb "Say", when used as a transitive verb, does not take a person/people as its object while the verb "Tell" does in 2 ways: Tell O1 O2 or Tell Os to O1 where O1 represents a person/people and O2 stuff.